Our Tinctures and Salves are made in small batches to ensure quality, also to ensure the Delta 9 THC is in compliance with Texas state law. We believe in full plant healing so we don’t use isolated cannabinoids. Product labels contain QR codes that pull up the COA (certificate of analysis) from the laboratory.
30ml bottle in MCT Oil $45 580mg - CBD 6mg - CBG 36mg - CBC 21mg - THC
60ml bottle in MCT Oil $85 1,160mg - CBD 16mg - CBG 74mg - CBC 43mg - THC
2 ounce Salve $35 110mg - CBD 7mg - CBC Multiple scents available See order form for options.
60ml bottle in MCT Oil $120 1,776mg - CBD 215mg - CBDA 106mg - CBC 28mg - CBG 60mg - THC
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We have tea bags upon request.
Strains and sizes can vary See order form for options.
Hemp Flower
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New flavors available!! Gummy worms (CBD isolate) & Butter Cream Carmel 1603 w. Oak st. Palestine TX 75801
Pet formula $20
60ml bottle in MCT Oil $75 900mg - CBD 18mg - CBDV 32mg - CBG 66mg - CBC 40mg - THC
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30ml in Vegetable Glycerin $40 250mg - CBD 4mg - CBDV 9mg - CBG 22mg - CBC 11mg - THC